10mm PIN navigation light, 4W White


10mm PIN navigation light, 4W White

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Slim LED light with 4W reference power for operation as position / navigation light on various models. The pen light is delivered pre-assembled and ready for operation on a CNC-manufactured aluminum heat sink, plus 5 high-strength polycarbonate caps for free use are included:

1x 10mm cylinder
1x 10mm round cap 1x 13mm cylinder
cap 1x 13mm round cap
and 1x profile extension 10mm

The caps can be glued separately and individually painted in the model color will. Any adhesive that does not evaporate is suitable for bonding, such as epoxy, Uhu Allplast, Uhu Por, silicone, canopy glue, … Ideal as a navigation light on all models from 1.5m to 2.5m


Electricity: 4W reference power, 8(12)V, 0.35A
Beam angle: >160°
Light intensity: ~100 Lumen WHITE
Dimension cooling tube: D10x45mm, flange D12mm
Dimension light cap: D10/12mm, 57.5mm length
Weight: 5g (without cable)

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