Unilight 16mm Drop-Out Spotlight HV, 4W


Unilight 16mm Drop-Out Spotlight HV, 4W

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Unilight 16mm Drop-Out Spotlight HV, 4W
Miniature spotlights that can be folded out, easier than ever. Prototype for many aircraft, now also quick and easy to implement in a model. An enormous asset to any aircraft, whether it’s a scale, a brake flap or just practical! Now with Kingmax KM1203 HV servo suitable for every system.
The flat 16mm high grade aluminum headlights are used for our pre-assembled headlights. These enable enormous light outputs with small dimensions. A Diamond HV is installed in the mechanics. The assembly is completely assembled, if necessary only the base plate (e.g. with UHU 300) has to be glued.
spotlights made of high quality aluminum reflector
very wide 110 ° beam angle
completely CNC manufactured
available in WHITE and WARM WHITE
including Diamnond HV servo
ready for use
Performance: 4W reference power
Voltage: 8V, use enclosed resistor for 12V!
Electricty: 0.35A
Beam angle: ~100°
Light Intensity: 110 Lumen WHITE
Light Intensity: 95 Lumen WARMWHITE
Weight: 19g (Servo included)
Dimension: 51x22mm, Height 13,5mm

The reference power is a comparison value between our offered lights. It normally refers to an operating voltage of 12V/3S Lipo and is dependent on bulbs, operating mode and technology.

Pay always attention to the operating temperature, we do not assume any warranty in case of overheating.

Note: The LED lights are extremely bright! Never look directly into a LED!