50mm Electric Brake and Wheel Set 4mm Axle


50mm Electric Brake and Wheel Set 4mm Axle

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50mm Electric Brake and Wheel Set 4mm Axle

JP Hobby’s electromagnetic control aircraft brake system is replacing and reshaping the traditional pneumatic and server remote control aircraft braking system.

Electric Wheel and Brake Set 50mm –  4mm Axle and a 3/8″ Brake Flange (See Additional Photo)

This will enable the players an easier installation mode and a better control on distance when landing without adding extra flying weight.

Jingpin Hobby applies high grade aluminum machined brake Wheel frame , Built inside magnetic coil, high intensity hub with strong axle and adopting replaceable advanced hollow rubber tires skin.

1: Completely control by electricity , no more trouble from air brake air leaking.
2:Strong CNC machined wheel frame and inflatable true soft rubber tire.
3.The controller will shut down the brake after 1 minute automatically , The controller will smartly detect it if you the brake stop for 1 minutes, and automatically reset it to its normal function.

Brake Using illustration:
1.Voltage input :7.2V-14.8V Can tap directly on aircraft batteries Or use an external battery 7.2V-14.8V
2.Signal input : Connect remote control receiver, set an action
3.Capacity control: adjustment clockwise will increase the power, or counter clockwise to reduce power
4.Brake wheel: Connect the power input line on the battery. Set come with two main wheels and brake controller.

1.Main Wheel Diameter:50mm-65mm
2.Axle Screw Diameter: 4mm

Brake Flange: 3/8″ (9.5mm)
3.Total Weight: 4.37 oz/ 135g
Step 1: Install the magnetic wheels with your wheel strut.

Step 2: Connect two brake wheels’ wire into PC-board, and the signal wire into the receiver :

Step 3: Set an action “ON/OFF” on your transmitter:

Notice :The signal wire must connect into the working receiver, otherwise it will consume all the battery.
Voltage input:
7.2V-14.8V can tap directly on aircraft battery or use an external battery 7.2V-14.8V.
Brake force control:
The transmitter only support ON/OFF, thus there is not making proportional brake, or you can use currency trim button to control the brake force. The controller shut down the brake after 1 minute. The controller will smartly detect it, shut down the current to brake system and automatically reset it to its normal function.
This ‘auto-shut down’ is designed to protect the magnetic coil and conserve your battery power.


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