6mm DUAL navigation + strobe light, 12Wx2


6mm DUAL navigation + strobe light, 12Wx2

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New generation of compact and very powerful position lights with integrated flash!

The new, forward-angled structure enables the best radiation of the position light to the front and the flashlight to the side. Best visibility and low glare like the originals.

The extremely narrow design can also be integrated into the very thin edge arches of jets, sports machines and sailors.

The scope of delivery includes a highly transparent and extremely break-proof cover cap made of injection-molded polycarbonate. The cap must be glued to the light module on the model.


Electrical: 4Wx2 RED / GREEN and 8Wx2 WHITE Reference power Luminous
intensity: ~ 100 lumens RED
Luminous intensity: ~ 180 lumens GREEN Luminous
intensity: ~ 660 lumens WHITE
Dimensions: 6.6×55, 30mm
Weight: 9g (without cable)

Power: 4W Reference
power voltage: 8V, for 12V use enclosed resistor!
Current: 0.4A Beam
angle: ~ 110 ° Luminous
intensity: ~ 110 lumens WHITE Luminous
intensity: ~ 95 lumens WARM WHITE
Dimensions: D12x32mm, mounting hole D10mm
Weight: 5g (without cable)

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