Airpower PRO Lighting Control Module


AirPower PRO Flight Lighting Control Module

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AirPower PRO Flight Lighting Control Module

The Airpower LCM-750 PRO Lighting Control Module is capable of driving up to 11 light channels; including dual afterburner rings, 3 headlight channels and 6 Navigation channels. Three channel TX controllable, the LCM-750 is the most capable lighting module available, period! For use with all of the Airpower Light system products.

  • Lighting Output : 11 CH
  • (Afterburner Lighting x2 / Navigation Lighting x6 / Landing lighting x3)
  • Voltage Input : 6V ~ 9.9V
  • Recommended battery voltage 7.4V (2s Lipo, 5 NiCd-NiMh). A123 2s and 3s allowed
  • Voltage Output : 7.4V at 11A (MAX.) (Afterburner Lighting x2 at 2A / Navigation Lighting x6 at 6A / Landing lighting x3 at 3A)
  • Weight : 16g
User Manual located under “Attachment”

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