AMT NL Pegasus HP Engine


Call or Email for options and current pricing information.



Call or Email for options and current pricing information.

AMT Netherlands is proud to announce the ‘Pegasus HP E-start, a completely  new ‘High Performance’ version of our original Pegasus turbine, which has been in constant production since 1995.

Now producing an astonishing 16-17* kg thrust, this new motor is a fully redeveloped version of our original Pegasus design. As well as a 25%  increase in thrust, it features reduced fuel consumption, much improved throttle-response, faster start-up’s and lower EGT’s.

The redesign includes many new parts, including the main shaft, bearings,turbine wheel, combustion chamber, turbine stator (NGV), and higher specification of fuel pump. The new motor also includes a smart anodised inlet and front cap, and Festo quick-connectors to make installation easier.

Of course, like all the turbines from AMT Netherlands, the new ‘Pegasus HP Estart’ comes complete with a full 2 year Warranty.

Pegasus HP E-start set contains the following parts. 

1 x Fully tested Pegaus  HP E-start gasturbine.  
1 x Version 2.0 Electronic Control Unit.  
1 x CTF switch harness to program ECU.  
1 x Solenoid valve for kerosene.  
1 x Solenoid valve for gas.  
1 x Pegaus fuel pump.  
1 x Rear engine mount  
1 x Front engine mount + EGT sensor mount.  
1 x Nicad battery pack 12 volt 600 Mah.  
1 x Battery pack charge cable.  
1 x Safety clip for RPM sensor.  
1 x Glowplug connector.  
1 x Thermo sensor ( K-type).  
1 x Glowplug wrench.  
1 x Glow plug Rossi 8 (spare).  
1 x Turbine Oil 1 Ltr ( Aeroshell 500).  
1 x Manual Pegasus HP E-start.  
2 x Sticker.  
1 x 3 meter Festo PP3 tube.  
1 x 2 meter Festo PP4 tube.  
1 x Festo fuel filter.  
Electronic Control Unit 
AMT Netherlands  developed in house a fully automatic ECU to control the turbine, main reason for this development was that there was a need for fully automatic starting turbines.  The latest update was to comply with the latest AMA
 requirements, with this software update (V29) we made it also possible to use lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries without changing anything to the settings of the ECU. The lithium polymer batteries are available for all our engine types.
* One or Two channel operation.  
* ECU works on 10 cell Nicad or 4 cell Lipo.  
* Output for fuel solenoid valve.  
* Output for propane solenoid valve.  
* Output for glow plug.  
* Output for E-starter.  
* Programmable failsafe timer, standard set to 1 second                                                      
delay before full stop.  
* Log file of last 22 min, of run @ 1 seconds interval.
* At error, last 8 sec. log is available in 0.2 sec intervals.  
* Serial 2400 Baud, rs232 level output.  
* Weight 160 gram / 5,4 oz.  
* Fuzzy logic software, for fast throttle response.  
* No adjustments needed.  
* Ridged small ECU housing.  
* All high quality cables with gold plated connectors.  
* Standard “K type” EGT probe connector.
  • Diameter    120  mm
  • Length    342  mm   
  • Turbine weight   2255  gram    
  • System weight   3075  gram  
  • Thrust @ max. rpm   167  N   
  • Thrust @ min. rpm   6  N  
  • Maximum RPM   119,500   
  • Idle  RPM    37,000   
  • Pressure ratio @ max. rpm  3,2 :1  
  • Mass flow @ max. rpm  375  gr/sec.   
  • Normal EGT    600  C   
  • Maximum EGT   675  C  
  • Fuel consumption @ max. rpm  485  gr/min.  
  • Fuel     JP-4/petroleum/Jet A1
  • Oil      4,5% aeroshell 500  mixed with fuel. 


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Weight 35 lbs