Blue Solid with Rose Lens


Blue Solid with Rose Lens

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Blue Solid with Rose Lens

Zurich Extreme Glare Sunglasses are the clear choice for RC Model Pilots. Providing extreme glare protection, enhanced visibility and shatter proof eye protection. Original Series are the choice if you where prescription eyewear!

Solid colors are one continuous density from the top of the sunglass to the bottom. They provide adequate protection in most situations.

Rose Lenses
Rose lenses work best in hazy, cloudy, smokey, foggy, or dull light conditions. The rose lens will accentuate colors to make all colors more vibrant while giving the wearer better color definition, depth perception, and more contrast.

Please note:
The cosmetic color on the front, exterior surface of the lens is totally transparent from the back, and has no effect on what your eyes see. The colors, as shown in the photographs, are for cosmetic preference only.The basic optical lens color of either gray,or rose is visible from the back only.

Free Case Included!



  • Blocks Original Extreme Glare in Bright Conditions.
  • Works better than polarized lenses in the sun’s glare.
  • Blocks out UV-A (98%), UVB (100%) Infrared (65%), Blue & Flat light.
  • Has 180 degrees wraparound lens, allows excellent peripheral vision.
  • Optically ground lenses from top to bottom & from side-to-side.
  • Amazing clarity of vision…you see crisper & clearer.
  • Comfortable, lightweight & shatter proof.
  • Protective scratch resistant coating.
  • Floats with add-on “i-Float” strap.
  • Fits under most helmets.
  • Ventilated to resist fogging.
  • No metal hinges to corrode.
  • No screws to vibrate loose.
  • Protects contact lens wearer.
  • Will not melt in summer’s heat.
  • Will not become brittle in cold weather.
  • Clip-on floating case included with glasses.
  • Protects sensitive eye area from wrinkling (by shielding the eye area from damaging UV rays), and eliminates unnecessary squinting.
  • Limited warranty.


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