CARF Extra 330SC 2.3m 30%


CARF Extra 330SC 2.3m

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CARF Extra 330SC 2.3m 30%

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General Information

What do we expect from a world class aerobatic airplane – no matter what size and scale it is? Absolutely neutral flying characteristics! Pattern and 3D easily to be combined with one setting! Ultra strong and durable! Highly prefabricated and ready to fly in a few evenings of work! And to look RIGHT!

We have listened to our customers as the CARF Extra 330SC 2.3m combines all these requirements and raises the bar once again.


Unique in the market: engine dome, cowling, muffler mount, is all prepared for 60cc engines and it drops in within a few minutes of your time. No alignments to the center of the cowl are necessary. Thrust lines are given, holes and nuts are installed, it’s a new and unique approach, and even at CARF this is the first time that we go that far. And a two-part cowling, normally only available with our larger 40% airplanes, ensures easy access and maintenance.
In other areas we made it easy for you as well. Prefabricated servo mounts, pre-adjusted linkages on top of the standardized control horns installed on all control surfaces. As another standard, already known for generations of CARF planes all formers, ribs, wing/stab joiners and gear mounts are glued in. And all equipment mounts are included as CNC milled sandwich parts, falling together in minutes and securing fuel tank, receiver, batteries and throttle servo. If we estimate 20 hours of building time, then this will something you really can believe.


Not only the degree of prefabrication, but also the geometry has been completely remodeled. The 330SC’s most significant difference to its predecessors is the newly shaped cowling with a huge spinner, making the “SC” so distinctively different. The Canopy is the really small single seater version, of course the frame is already fitted and bolted to the fuselage out of the box. the counter balances of the elevators are modeled right towards the stab leading edges and the wing and aileron geometry guarantee for even more agility in rolling and snapping maneuvers. Only very little reminds at our older Extra 330L design.


The 330SC is an all new aerobatic design, a valuable all composite construction, which raises the bar in pattern and 3D aerobatics to the point where only the pilot is the limit. We managed to rebuild all the characteristics of our market leading 3m version of the 330SC. The aerobatic characteristics have to be experienced, can’t be easily described with words.

And the fact that we managed to tailor this complete package at a reasonable price, makes us confident that you will find a lot of these Extra 330SC’s on the flying fields near you very soon.

Color Schemes

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All White (CARF-K115000)

CARF Extra 330SC 2.3m All White Scheme-86884 CARF Extra 330SC 2.3m All White Scheme CARF Extra 330SC 2.3m All White Scheme-86885
Chequer Scheme Magenta, Black (CARF-K116000)

Chequer Scheme Yellow, Blue (CARF-K117000)

CARF Extra 330SC 2.3m Chequer Scheme Yellow and Blue-86860 CARF Extra 330SC 2.3m Chequer Scheme Yellow and Blue-86858 CARF Extra 330SC 2.3m Chequer Scheme Yellow and Blue

If you are ready for the best in the 2.3m class… don’t look any further. Here it is, and it’s there to stay. Look at the various schemes available right away, sure you will find something for your taste.


Wingspan: 90″ (2300 mm)
Length: 88″ (2250 mm)
Weight: 19-21 lbs (8.5-9.5 kg) dry
Engine: 50-60 cc
Servos:  5 High Power digital servos

Additional information

Weight 1000 lbs
Dimensions 90 × 50 × 50 in

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