CARF L-39 Albatros


L-39 Albatros (All Silver).

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L-39 Albatros

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General Information

The beauty which never really had a chance to shine. Not many have been built. Less have been flown.

If you ever thought about building this magnificent jet, then now it’s the time to pull the trigger. CARF-Models is carrying this “Skygate” Albatros into execution, consummating what Stephan Voelker had started.

The Albatros is a very large jet with 2.37m wingspan, more then 3m length. The word “Museum Scale” does not describe the detailing of the kit enough. So we started with the L-39 Albatros as an all silver, highly prefabricated builders kit first. In addition to the all-silver-version, CARF Models also offers ARF schemes painted in the molds.


If you are planning to build an L-39 Albatros in the near future, then it’s wise to go with the CARF Models L-39 Albatros. For several reasons:

  • Highest prefabrication, even if we don’t want to use the word ARF, it will come close to it
  • Designed by the 4-times Jet World Champion Stephan Voelker based on all his experience with the high-end model jet technology
  • Built at the sophisticated production plant of CARF Models, using the very best materials and extraordinary quality control
  • Straight forward build, following an exact and complete instruction manual
  • Well engineered, tested and proven scale landing gear available
  • Great flight envelop, slow flight, aerobatics capabilities
  • Well organized CARF typical spare parts supply and after sales service


CARF Models does not supply empty fiberglass shells and a wealth of plywood formers to be installed by the modeler. A CARF Model and also the L-39 Albatros can’t be called “builder’s kit”. It’s as highly prefabricated as you can imagine, so that you don‘t have to purchase additional “further building stages” and extra cost. CARF includes this free of charge for you. Look through the photos to see what you get for your investment.

Color Schemes

All Silver (CARF-K141000)
CARF L-39 All Silver CARF L-39 All Silver-87923 CARF L-39 All Silver-87922 CARF L-39 All Silver-87921 CARF L-39 All Silver-87924
Breitling Scheme (CARF-K142000)
CARF L-39 Albatros Breitling Scheme (CARF Factory Order)-84167 CARF L-39 Albatros Breitling Scheme (CARF Factory Order)-84169 CARF L-39 Albatros Breitling Scheme
Transformer Scheme (CARF-K143000)
CARF L-39 Albatros Transformer Scheme-87928 CARF L-39 Albatros Transformer Scheme-87927 CARF L-39 Albatros Transformer Scheme-87926 CARF L-39 Albatros Transformer Scheme-0
Navy Scheme (CARF-K144000)
CARF L-39 Albatros Navy Scheme-87931 CARF L-39 Albatros Navy Scheme-87930 CARF L-39 Albatros Navy Scheme CARF L-39 Albatros Navy Scheme-87932

Excuse our excitement, but: Get one! It’s awesome!


  • Wingspan: 93″ (2375 mm)
  • Length: 119″ (3030 mm)
  • Weight: 43-46 lbs (19.50- 21 kg) dry
  • Engine: 160 N
  • Servos:  8 high class digital servos

Additional information

Weight 1000 lbs
Dimensions 90 × 50 × 50 in

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