CARF P-51 Reno Racer



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CARF P-51 Reno Racer

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General Information

Since 1964 the “National Championship Air Races” have been called the “Worlds Fastest Motor Sport” and one of the last venues where this could be organized was the city Reno in Nevada, USA. Soon the event became known and “Reno Air Races”. The most exciting class today is the “Unlimited” class, where heavily modified WW2 Fighter Planes run for a trophy. Historic names like “Dago Red’, “Miss America”, Strega” “Voodoo”, and “Galloping Ghost” have all one in common: They base on the P-51 Mustang, the greatest Fighter Plane of All Times!!!

CARF-Models’ P-51 Mustang has been around for many years and has proven its sturdiness, reliability and performance. So it was a natural consequence that one day we would look into building a true Reno Racer based on our proven P-51 airframe.

NEW: P-51 VOODOO is now available in the same prefab level, painted in the molds!!!

Gentlemen, lets have a RACE! The clipped wing and the fuselage with omitted radiator are the main modifications everybody can spot immediately. But the CARF Galloping Ghost and any future Mustang Racer, has some very special “invisible” modifications over their basic P-51 Mustang: Our first choice: Galloping Ghost! Unfortunately the real aircraft does not exist anymore, crashed during a gold race in Reno a few years ago, killing its pilot, and some spectators as well. But the myth lives on, more and more, year by year. However, we won’t stop there. Dago Red, Miss America and Strega are soon to be introduced, based on the new CARF-Models Reno Mustang Airframe…

  • – much more room under the cowl for big inline engines, as extreme as the KOLM IL-230 3-cyl four stroke engine.
  • – extreme prefabrication, all the way to the final installation of gear, RC-equipment and powerplant.
  • – re-engineered structure to withstand extreme G-forces and high wing loading at tight race track patterns
  • – painted in the molds, including a master decal set of Tailormade Decals
  • – upgraded landing gear, engine installation kits and scale propeller round this breathtaking new CARF kit up


Composite Parts & Prefabrication

Produced in TAVS technology, 90% of the airplane’s surface are made in superlight and stiff vacuum sandwich. This reduces airframe weight for two reasons: Firstly, to be able to clip the wings to make it faster – and secondly, to install BIGGER ENGINES to make it faster!

Everything is ready for installation of RC components, linkages, wiring , engine, main gear, tail gear, battery packs, pneumatics, there is simply no “building” to be done. It is all about equipment installation ONLY. See examples of installation in our prototype:


We tried to find out what is the biggest engine we could possibly install in our Galloping Ghost. We thought about the Kolm 155 3-cylinder inline. But wasn’t there a chance to even fit its larger brother, the IL 230 in? We needed to modify the complete front end of our Mustang to make it fit. But we are so glad that we took on the effort. That engine now fits like a glove, a perfectly designed engine installation kit is available and the manual shows the critical areas of engine installation very well. Cooling air flow is totally thought through so you are not left with guess-work. The engine can swing a scale diameter four bladed prop at low RPMs… a sound which lets you get goose bumps.

Hardware & Accessories

Much more complete than before, the new CARF P-51 Mustang kit includes a full hardware package with a lot of additional helpful wood parts and lots of high quality hardware, such as linkages, clevises, ball links, bolts, nuts, servo screws, stab and wing mounting hardware. On top of the actual kit content, an array of accessories is available such as a scale landing gear, tail gear, scale wheels, spinner, full size propeller, and engine installation kits for the very demanding and most powerful multi cylinder inline engines on the market.

Flying Performance

A P-51 is always a great flyer. The light weight construction together with the aerodynamic design of airfoils makes the CARF Models P-51 a real joy to fly. However, a heavy loaded and clipped “Racing Mustang” you would think is much more challenging. But – the great aerodynamics of the P-51 pay off. The increased wing loading does only have little effect on the handling and the flight performance. Take offs and landings are easy, and the flying breathtaking. Go fast, turn left! Once you have got the feeling, you will not want to miss this experience anymore.

Color Schemes

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P-51 Strega (CARF-K423000)

P-51 Galloping Ghost (CARF-K424000)

P-51 Mustang VOODOO (CARF-K425000)



Wingspan: 92″ (2300 mm)
Length: 89″ (2270 mm)
Weight: 37 – 46 lbs (17 – 21 kg) dry
Engine: 85 – 230 cc
Servos:  9 high class servos

Additional information

Weight 1000 lbs
Dimensions 90 × 50 × 50 in

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