CARF CT-114 Tutor


CARF CT-114 Tutor

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CARF CT-114 Tutor

CALL TO ORDER for current color schemes, pricing, and shipping availability.


General Information

Usually all jets with great looks and promising flying characteristics have been modeled many times before. It’s definitely hard to find something new. We have been searching for quite some time and ultimately found a jet which has great aerobatic capabilities with great and easy ground handling. We found the Canadair CT-114 Tutor. With its beautiful scale lines, long and sleek fuselage and massive wing area, the Tutor is a great trainer and a high class scale model at the same time. Since this aircraft has been rarely modeled, we found it to be the perfect choice. Sure you will see our new CT-114 Tutor at the Jet Meetings to come.

Developed by Canadair as a trainer CL-41, the Canadian Air Force bought 190 aircraft which entered service as CT-114 Tutor often just called „Toot“. The Canadian Air Force created a formation flying team called „The Golden Centenaries“, but it became famous when the aerobatic team „Snowbirds“ was born.


You only have to look at the lines of this plane to understand how well the Tutor is suited for a great flying model jet. The fairly large, straight wings guarantee very neutral flying characteristics and the T-tail great maneuverability. It also is well protected from ground contact during takeoff rotation or high alpha landings. Huge flaps are mounted with offset hinges, so that they create a gap between flap and wing, when deployed. This makes them even more efficient. It is hard to believe how slow the Tutor can approach and touchdown with these flaps. A wide track main gear offers very stable ground handling, and both main and nose struts are short, which means that they do not carry too much load into the wing’s and fuselage’s gear mounts.

With 2.6m (102“) span she is large. Larger than you think. The wide fuselage does offer great accessibility, but also creates drag in the air. That’s why the CARF Tutor has such a nice scale speed. At the same time she is small enough to be powered by the commonly used 16 kg (35 lbs) thrust engines. With this power setup she has great aerobatic capabilities. Smooth rolls, large loops and all sorts of combinations are a treat to fly with this airplane. It does require a bit knife edge mixing for the devoted aerobatic master pilot, but that’s what we even know from large scale aerobatic prop planes. She definitely makes a great impression in flight.

Flying Performance

Now, the most important characteristic of this airplane is its versatility. Unbelievable how precise it performs aerobatic maneuvers, straight and level fast flies bys. At the same time, if you would throttle back and slow it down, it felt like a trainer, like a Piper Cub, pacing through the air stress free, steered from the comfort of a lawn chair. Yes, it is THAT easy to handle.

So, if you are not too experienced in jets and want to get into this exciting division of our hobby, the Tutor is your perfect first jet! The “pussy cat” flying characteristics protect your investment and let you enjoy every single flight. If you are into precise jet aerobatics and look for a different silhouette in the sky, for something which comes close to one of these high performance aerobatic Extras, Edges, Yaks and Sukhoi’s, then the CARF Models Tutor is the plane for you. And last but not least, if you are looking for an easy to work on scale jet, with great opportunities to personalize and to detail, then our Tutor is the perfect project for you, too.

Almost Ready to Fly

joints between wing, stab and any control surface are factory finished. Even the main gear doors are hinged. Servo mounts are pre-built, the engine mount is readily installed and aligned and even for fuel, smoke and hopper tank all provisions and mounts are readily built in. Construction time for an experienced builder should not be more than 25 hours. Even a Jet Novice should have this Tutor in the air within 50 hours, thanks to the comprehensive and very professionally made instruction manual.

The CARF Factory Pilots unitedly state: Our Canadair CT-114 Tutor is our new pride and joy, and it is there to stay.


  • Wingspan: 102″ (2600 mm)
  • Length: 90″ (2280 mm)
  • Weight: 33 – 35 Lbs (15 – 16 kg) dry
  • Engine: 160 N
  • Servos:  8 high power digital servos

Additional information

Weight 1000 lbs
Dimensions 90 × 50 × 50 in

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