Flight Computer PLUS


Flight Computer PLUS

Flight computer for Xicoy V10 Fadecs. PLUS version including the pressure sensor for Pitot airspeed.

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Flight Computer PLUS

Flight computer for  Xicoy V10 Fadecs. PLUS version including the pressure sensor for Pitot airspeed.


• 2.4” full color touchscreen display, high quality, sunlight readable.

• Connection to the Xicoy fadec to collect the engine data and display in graphical form

• GPS module  connection  (option) to collect the coordinates, ground speed, date, time and altitude.

• 3 axis accelerometer to measure the G load in all 3 axis.

• Barometer/altimeter/termometer. Measures barometric altitude and air density to calculate the engine performance.

• Airspeed pressure sensor to measure the airspeed using a pitot tube.

• Telemetry output to send all the data trough the telemetry link of the radio. Currently supported Jeti, Futaba, HoTT and Multiplex.

• uSD card to store all measures from sensors, battery voltage, engine data, Supplied with a card capable of 2.000 hours of recording, one set of data each 0,5s.

• Output for 2 high power LED, to visually show the airspeed during landing.

Data analyzable by a supplied computer software and exportable to Excel and Google Earth.

• Software updatable through the uSD card.

• Includes lead and uSD memory card

• Does not include the GPS Module (JM-GPS1) or Pitot tube (JETI-MSPT).

  • Also see new LED indicator light (JM-LED)

Instructions manual: http://www.xicoy.com/FC1_1_0_en.pdf

Windows software and instructions: http://www.xicoy.com/FlightCompView.zip

Introductory video: https://youtu.be/4Uw1arrAf3k

Engine run video: https://youtu.be/1-d94yzBbf0

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