HABU STS 70mm EDF Smart Trainer with SAFE Technology



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Nearly everyone who sees a radio controlled (RC) jet tear across the sky has the same reaction: “I want to fly one of those!” But because of their speed and handling challenges, RC jets have been almost impossible for first-time or low-time RC pilots to fly successfully — until now. Thanks to the E-flite® Habu STS (Smart Trainer with SAFE®) 70mm EDF jet, you can actually learn to fly RC airplanes successfully with a jet! The Habu STS 70mm EDF is based on the legendary Habu, one of the best high-performance Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) sport jet platforms ever created. E-flite® engineers optimized the design to improve its low speed handling and slow speed performance and added options for taking advantage of exclusive Spektrum SAFE® flight assistance technology and innovative Smart components. As a result, the Habu STS 70mm EDF is the easiest to fly RC jet EVER, and the perfect choice to satisfy any RC pilot’s desire to fly a jet!


Unique and optimized airframe design improves low speed handling and slow speed performance, making it possible to learn to fly radio-controlled (RC) airplanes successfully with a jet
Based on one of the best first and high-performance EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) jet platforms ever designed — the legendary Habu
Five (5) factory-installed servos and linkages
Powerful brushless electric power system with 70mm 10-blade fan
3S and 4S compatible 70-amp telemetry-capable ESC
Install an optional 4S 3200-4000mAh battery for more power and speed
Oversized tires for operation from a variety of surfaces including grass
Wide-stance tricycle landing gear with steerable nose wheel
Quick and easy assembly — no glue or special tools required
Lightweight yet strong and durable EPO construction

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