JetCat Battery Management System


JetCat Battery Management System

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JetCat Battery Management System

BMS-System V 1.0 description

The JetCat BMS (Battery Management System) system solves several necessities when charging the engine and receiver batteries from an engine powered generator system:

1)  Precise measurement of the cell voltages of the engine battery, and forwarding of this information to the ECU and generator charging system.
2)  Balancing of the engine battery cells.
3)  Output control and current measurement of the two charging outputs to the receiver batteries.
4)  Reporting of all charge currents / voltages and charged capacities to the ECU.

Receiver batteries must contain an onboard charging/balancing system, i.e. batteries from PowerBox Systems, other batteries may be adapted for use.  BMS cables supplied designed for Powerbox LiPo and LiFe chemistry batteries. (PBX-1520, 2820, 3220, 4000)

See attached PDF for details.

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