JetCat P-300PRO Turbine


JetCat P-300 PRO

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JetCat PRO engines provide the highest level of integration and maximum ease of installation.

JetCat P300-PRO Specifications:

Idle RPM: 35000
Max RPM: 106000
Thrust at idle (N): 14
Thrust at idle (lbs.): 3.15
Thrust @ max RPM (N): 300
Thrust @ max RPM (lbs.): 67.44
EGT range (°C): 480-750
Pressure Ratio: 3.55
Mass Flow (kg/s): 0.5
Exhaust Gas Velocity (km/h): 2160
Exhaust Gas Power Output (kW): 90
Fuel Consumption @ max RPM(ml/min): 980
Fuel Consumption @ max RPM (kg/min): 0.784
Fuel Consumption @ max RPM (oz/min): 33.14
Fuel Consumption @ idle (ml/min): 179
Fuel Consumption @ idle (kg/min): 0.143
Fuel Consumption @ idle (oz/min): 6.05
SFC @ max RPM (kg/Nh): 0.157
Weight (g): 2730
Weight (lbs.): 6.02
Diameter (mm): 132
Diameter (.in): 5.2
Length (mm) incl. starter: 380.5
Length (.in) incl. starter: 14.98

Operating Conditions:

Maximum Startup Altitude: 2600m (@STP)
Maximum Operating Altitude: 10000m / 32800ft
Fuel: Jet-A1 with 5% oil
Max Axial (Forward) Acceleration: 25G
*All data at STP +/- 3% ; STP: Standard temperature and pressure: 15°C, 1013mbar

Notes: Does not include install kit (JC-A71105-54) or Mount (JC-A1017-200)

Pictured from left to right: P550-PRO-GL, P400-PRO-GL, P300-PRO

See additional Pictures for Standard Connectors.


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Weight 40 lbs