JetCat P130-RX 29+lbs Thrust RC Turbine Engine


P130-RX 30lb Turbine

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The new P130-RX is particularly suitable for models of medium size or for twin models where weight
must be paid attention to but high thrust performance is required.

Note: Battery not included.

The P130-RX turbine also reduces cabling and tubing costs. The valves are complete
integrated in the turbine housing. It is only a single hose connection from the pump to the turbine necessary.

The turbine is electrically connected to the ECU via a single PowerBus connection cable. At the
In addition to the supply battery and the connection to the receiver (1-2 channels), the ECU only has to have the fuel pump connected.

The power supply is preferably a 3S / 2100mAh LiFePo4 battery. This not only provides the ECU and
the fuel pump, but also all connections to the bus system optional components such as a
additional pump for Smoke and / or LCU (lighting control). When using another bus pump
this can be configured as a smoker pump. The setting of the smoker pump power then takes place directly of the ECU / GSU. Alternatively, the ECU V12.0 can be supplied with a 2S LiPo. The ECU V12.0 has an integrated precise air pressure and temperature sensor, through which the turbine control intelligently to the current environmental conditions. The ECU V12.0 also has an internal telemetry adapter.

The temperature sensor is installed internally on the turbine side, but can be used if required
nevertheless be easily exchanged. The engine starts directly with kerosene.


JetCat autostart
Internal kerosene start and temperature sensor
ECU V12.0, digitalized bus system for minimal cabling and integrated telemetry function
Connection from the turbine to the ECU with only one plug-in connection!
ECU with auto-power-down function. ECU shuts off automatically after cooling down (RC system can be switched off, ECU remains ON until cooling down is finished).
ID chip on the turbine side, for convenient JetCat compatibility.
Proven JetCat jet start.
CFD-optimized and 5-axis milled compressor.
Internal bearing lubrication with 5% oil content.
Supplied with all accessories for installation and operation (without battery).
Made in Germany
36 months warranty
Fuel max ml/min 500
Fuel at idle ml/min 100
Weight g 1326
Dia mm 99 Length 284
Idles at 40,000
Max rpm 127,000
Thrust at idle .89lbs
Thrust at max 29.23lbs

Mini GSU option available




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Weight 40 lbs