JetCat P20-SX Engine


JetCat P20-SX Engine


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JetCat P20-SX Engine

JetCat P20-SX 5.4lbs Thrust RC Turbine Engine

The JetCat P20-SX engine fits perfectly in small, compact jet models that could previously only be operated with electric impellers.
Finally, the sound, the power and, not to forget, the original “aerodrome atmosphere” are fitting.

Mini GSU option available

No compromises:
Whether single-engine or multi-engine, with the approximate dimensions of a coke can, the P20-SX fits perfectly in miniature jet models for a hot after-work jet flight. With a turbine weight of light 350g, the “Minicat” shows up as a true power dwarf. From the outside in the streamlined design, their interior resembles a Swiss clockwork, which is operated with kerosene.

All the proven features of the “big” JetCat were reduced in size:

JetCat autostart
Optimized map control
JetCat jet fuel starter
JetCat ECU V10.0
ECU with auto-power-down function. ECU shuts off automatically after cooling down (RC system can be switched off, ECU remains ON until cooling process is finished)
ID chip on the turbine side, for convenient JetCat compatibility.
Operation via 2s LiPo battery. ( not included)
CFD-optimized and 5-axis milled compressor.
Internal bearing lubrication with 5% oil content.
Supplied with all accessories for installation and operation (without battery).
Made in Germany
36 months warranty

Thrust: Thrust 5.4 lbs / 24N @ 245,000 RPM
Weight: 13 oz.
Diameter: 2.4 inches
Length: 7 inches
Exhaust gas temp.: 580°C-690°C
Fuel consumption: 3.5oz/min at full power
Fuel: Jet A1, 1-K kerosene
Lubrication: approximately 5% synthetic turbine oil in the fuel
Maintenance interval: 25 hours





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