JetCat P250-Pro-S RC-Set


P250-Pro-S RC-Set, With New Kerosene Starter System




The JetCat-P250-PRO type turbo-jet engine is designed as a propulsion unit for RC-aircraft and/or drones.
The engine is lubricated by fuel with oil admixture.
The engine is equipped with a BLDC starter), 1x BLDC fuel pump, 2x fuel solenoids and electronic control system
(FADEC type).
The engine may be modified based on customer specific requirements and to meet different operating / installation

JetCat P250-PRO-S RC-Set including:

1x JetCat P250-PRO-S 71152-0270
1x Turbine Mounting Clamp 41152-0248
1x JetCat PRO-Interface 61168-0010
1x JetNet 61128-0052
1x Remote Controller GSU V2.0 61101-0010

Pressure ratio 3,8
Mass flow (kg/s) 0,47
Consumption Full load (ml/min) 820
Consumption idle (ml/min) 138
Weight [g] 2155
Dimensions of the diameter (mm) 121
Length (mm) 322
Weight set in box (g) 3290
Carton dimensions (LxWxH; cm)
Exhaust gas temperature (°C) 480-750
Idle speed (1/min) 35000
Max rpm (1/min) 117000
Thrust at idle (N) 11,8
Thrust @ maxRpm (N) 250
Exhaust gas velocity (km/h) 1860
Exhaust gas power output (kW) 75
SFC @ maxRpm (kg/Nh) 0,158

Functional description
The JetCat P250-PRO is a single-shaft engine comprising a single-stage radial compressor, annular combustion
chamber, single stage axial turbine and fixed exhaust nozzle. At the compressor intake, there is a brushless starter
system mounted. Intake air is compressed in the radial compressor stage, proceeds through the radial and axial
diffuser into the combustion chamber where it is mixed with vaporized fuel. Combustion gases generated by fuel
burning in the combustion chamber expand through the single state axial turbine and the exhaust nozzle to the
atmosphere. The gas exiting the exhaust cone produces the required thrust. The rotor of the engine is mounted on 2
ball bearings lubricated by a fuel/oil mix.

Control options / electrical interface
The JetCat-PRO engine series provides the highest level of integration and maximum ease of installation.
All peripheral systems necessary for the engines operation are fully integrated below the engines front cowling.

JetCat P250-PRO engine features/functions
Integrated Engine sided Components:
ECU (electronic control unit), fully programmable via detachable Ground Support Unit (GSU)

Brushless starter and seal free brushless fuel pump

Fuel & Kerosene-start solenoids

Post Fuel filter downstream of the pump (last barrier filter)

Barometric altitude / pressure sensor allowing for automatic engine tuning upon operation altitude.

4-pin Molex expansion connector (e.g. for smoke pumps/ fuel transfer pumps/GSU)

Optional bleed-air port (e.g. for pressurization of fuel system)

Direct quick start on kerosene via integrated high speed / low current ignition system

High altitude, high flight speed in-air restart capability

Automatic engine cool down cycle after shutting down.

Reporting of fuel consumed / fuel flow rate / fuel burned / remaining fuel in tank

Engine/ECU power On/Off via voltage control signal  No external power switches required

Engine safety shut down input, for instant engine shut down via (flight) termination system. This will kill

power to fuel pump and shut off safety solenoid valves and stop engine in any case on a multiple redundant

way, whilst ECU can stay powered on (for continued data reporting and or engine cool down).

Monitoring and reporting of all currents / voltages (e.g. supply voltage / current, pump driving voltage) as

well as all engine life parameters / setpoints.

Automatic fuel purge feature for automatic filling/purge of fuel feed lines. As soon as fuel arrives at the

engine, purging will automatically terminate.

High performance ceramic bearings

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 8 in