JetCat PRO Interface Box


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JetCat PRO Interface Box

By using the JetCat PRO interface adapters, not only can all PRO turbines be quickly and easily deployed in model aircraft applications, but it also provides a complete solution and easy access point for stationary and industrial applications. It also allows you to use the full functionality of our JetCat telemetry adapters.

In addition, the JetCat PRO interface adapter allows you to connect and use almost all JetCat accessories to Pro turbines.

One or two channel RC control (From receiver)
Telemetry output for: Jeti, Graupner Hott, Multiplex M-BUS and Futaba SBUS-2
RJ12 socket for connecting the GSU
Airspeed sensor 6 and 8-pin ERNI flat cable connectors (e.g. for LCU / Mini GSU connection)
RS232 header for computer control
CAN bus header
Header to JetCat BMS (Battery Management System)
Cross-check communication port (for connecting / synchronizing two turbines)
3x Status LEDs
Analog and digital inputs for:
Switch on / switch off
Turbine On / Off Control
Turbine RPM Command / control via a directly connected potentiometer


Includes cables for set up

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