JetCat Telemetry Adapter


The JetCat telemetry adapter connects directly to the ECU data bus.

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Telemetry adapter

The JetCat telemetry adapter connects directly to the ECU data bus. 
The output of the telemetry adapter then typically goes directly to the receiver 
(telemetry input of the receiver).

The adapter has two outputs connected in parallel so that another device or sensor can be connected to the 2nd output. 

The following values can be transferred depending on the system used:

  • Exhaust gas temperature in ° C
  • Turbines Set speed in 1 / min
  • Turbines actual speed in 1 / min
  • Pump voltage in V
  • Voltage of the turbine battery in V
  • Current consumption in A. Only for ECU V10.0 or higher
  • Battery capacity in mAh (turbines battery). Only for turbines with generator function (eg P220RXi, P180-NX)
  • Turbine state and error codes
  • Residual fuel in ml / residual fuel in%
  • Fuel flow in ml / min
  • Altitude in meters. Only with ECU V10.0 or higher
  • Thrust in N
  • Airspeed in km / h (with AirSpeed sensor connected)
  • 2nd shaft speed (propeller speed for turboprops or main rotor speed for helicopter engines)

Currently supported telemetry systems (ECU V10 required with firmware starting at 10.3S):

  • Multiplex Sensor Bus (MSB v2) (M-Link Telemetry)
  • HoTTv4
  • Futaba S.Bus
  • Jeti telemetry (from KW2 / 2017, telemetry adapters already delivered before KW2 / 2017 have to receive a free firmware update for the Jeti functionality via our service)

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