JR PROPO 3 Axis Gyro System TAGS MINI


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TAGS Mini adopted the Easy Manual setting method which allows the program to be set up in an effortless and intuitive way. In addition, by connecting with the DMSS remote antenna, TAGS Mini makes it possible to send the transmitter signals directly to the gyro.
With simplified wiring, this new 3-axis gyro offers a new delightful setting up experience.

– Easy Manual Setting Method allows the TAGS Mini to be set up effortlessly by operating the buttons on the TAGS Mini body, LED indicators and transmitter sticks in combination.
– Uses a new type of MEMS gyro sensor which does not saturate even during high speed maneuvers to achieve a smoother and more precise movement control.
– By fully digitizing the gyro signal wiring, the resistance against software errors has been improved, the processing speed has also been increased.
– It is now possible to adjust the swash (aileron/elevator) and rudder sensitivity separately (Can be adjusted from the transmitter side).
– Can also be used on helicopters other than Forza 450 that have swash type selection function, sub-trim function and automatic sensor direction discrimination function.

Size: 14x25x41mm
Weight: 10g
6 Channels
Voltage: 4.5~8.5V
Recommended servos:
Swash – FBL-DS21 / Rudder – ELG01/DS3500G

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