MP Jet -AC Brushless Motor


MP Jet -AC Brushless Motor

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MP Jet -AC Brushless Motor

AC 25/25-26 MK2 – MPJ 20124

three-phase AC brushless motor
dual ball bearing with long life grease
high speed ball bearing
two pole rotor – single piece FeNdB type
FeNdB magnets
toroidal windings
windings directly under aluminum body for better cooling
one part body turned from bar stock on CNC machine
black anodized surface
heat treated shaft
high quality MP JET gold 2,5 mm connectors
version with connector terminal


The packet of electromotor contains: 3 pcs of connectors (type F), 3 pcs of shrinking isolations, 3 pcs of screws M2x5.
Recommend ESC: three-phase, sensor less (with EMF detection version), suitable version 18A, 8A partially.




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