Needle File – Flat


Perma-Grit Needle File – Flat.

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Perma-Grit Needle File – Flat

Unlike conventional files, these large Perma-Grit® Needle Files cut in both directions. This dual cutting action removes material quicker and also eliminates chipping.

Only available in medium 280 grit. Five shapes are available and they can be bought individually or as a set of five. The handle needs to be purchased seperately. Their overall length 180mm.

Perma-Grit® Tools do not lose their cutting edge like conventional tools and will outlast sandpaper thousands of times, giving you years of use.

They cut, sand and shape hard & soft woods, plastics, fiberglass, carbon fiber, tiles, bricks, ceramics, glass, white & blue foam, aluminum (lightly spray with WD40 to alleviate loading), etc. The tools don’t clog easily with normal use, but those that do get clogged with glue, resin, paint, etc. can simply be cleaned with any solvent.


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