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New Rookie (Last Edition Scheme).

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New Rookie (Last Edition Scheme)




Well, it is most impressive how fast the jet scene was developing during the past few years. CARF Models surely made its part to make all this possible. First, there really had to be some trusty, tough trainers. And one of the very first was our good old Kangaroo. After some changes to increase the flying performance significantly, our Rookie was born. This amazing plane helped hundreds, no, thousands of modelers to take their first steps into the model jet business.

There have been a lot of improvements before we released our “New Rookie” and now we are arrived at the point where we can’t improve anything anymore. We will stop the production of all Rookie kits very soon and only stay in business with one very special “Last Edition” Scheme. For a limited time, we can offer you the best Rookie package ever: The 2-axis vector thrust-tube is already included with every “Last Edition” set. Fully controlled hovering, amazing flatspins and other crowd-cheering stuff is possible with this accessory already included in the “Last edition” kit

General Information

The New Rookie is a great achievement based on the old design. We are amazed how little it took to make something good so much better!

A serious facelift for the front end and a stretch of the fuselage overall made room for a pair of canards. And these really make a difference in slow flight. Accompanied by the thrust vectoring there is no physical limit of what the New Rookie can do. It outperforms its rivals with authority and takes the lead of the delta type sport jets available today.

We increased the prefabrication by cutting the gear openings, installing the rudder servo mounts and the wing retaining bolts for you. And to make the little work left most convenient for you, we have increased the cockpit opening so that there is lots of space to work in. The huge bottom hatch for engine installation and maintenance has been taken over from the old design.


Of course, all the well known features of the old Rookie are state of the art in the new one:

    Very wide speed range

    Perfect slow flight characteristics

    Up to 220 mph (350 km/h) safe maximum speed

    Extremely controllable in any speed

    Highest efficiency by vector controlled steering

    Handles rough and short fields as well

    Almost ready to fly prefabrication

    Flawlessly painted in the molds

    All hardware included

    Retracts, wheels+brakes, engines available

    A readily assembled Kevlar Fuel Cell is as well available as an Economy Fuel Cell Kit!


he canards improve especially the slow flight characteristics. They also improve the take-off rotation. They are so efficient on our EuroSport that we have decided to add them to the Rookie as well. We simply followed our customers’ requests.

Big Access Hatches

The new Rookie has taken over the large bottom hatch, which gives access to the engine bay. On top of that, the New Rookie has received a large canopy frame with clear canopy, which more than doubled the cockpit opening. So building the New Rookie is as enjoyable as flying it.

Included Hardware

The included hardware is not to beat in completeness. From CNC-milled servo trays and mounts over CNC milled phenolic control horns up to finished and length-adjusted linkages we did not forget anything to make building the Rookie as enjoyable as flying it. The 2-axis Vector-Thrust-Tube is as well included.

Highest Prefabrication

We increased the prefabrication by several steps:

    Rudder Servo Mounts installed
Canard axles and bearings installed
Wing mounting bolts installed
Gear cutouts done
Engine hatch cut out/hinged
And many more details


    Wingspan: 70″ (1700 mm)
Length: 77″ (1950 mm)
Weight: 18.5-21 Lbs (8.5-9.5 kg) dry
Engine: 80 – 120 N
Servos:  8-10 high class digital servos

Additional information

Weight 1000 lbs
Dimensions 90 × 50 × 50 in