PB6410 PowerBox Digi-Switch 5.9V JR/JR


PB6410 PowerBox Digi-Switch 5.9V JR/JR

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PB6410 PowerBox Digi-Switch 5.9V JR/JR

Connector   JR/JR Connectors
Max. Constant Current 3 to 5 Amps
(Depending on Cooling)
Input Voltage up to 8.40 Volts
(2 cell LiPo or LiIon)
Output Voltage  5.90 Volts ( equates to charged 4-cell NC battery )
Temperature Range 14° F to 131° F
Working Voltage 6.0 V to 11.1 V
Current Drain 60 mA
Voltage Loss 0.2 V
  • Electronic Digital Switch
  • Switch design is low-profile to avoid
    accidental operation
    (no more accidental shut-off / turn-on)
  • Multi-color LED indicates voltage level
  • Low voltage alert
    status LED’s report low voltage condition
  • Ideal soution for smaller models like jets, smaller airplanes, gliders, helicopters, boats and cars
  • Perfect for gas motor electronic ignition systems that can’t use direct input of LiPo or LiIon voltages like older 3W ignitions, BME, Brison, C&H, and Desert Aircraft ignitions.


  • Small to medium sized aircraft
    with up to 6 servos **
  • Model gliders with up to 10 servos **
  • Helicopters .60 – .90 size
  • Electric helicopters
  • RC Cars
  • RC Boats
  • F3A models
  • Ignition systems designed for 4-cell
    NiCD / NiMh battery operation
[ ** Depending on servo size ]