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Piano Hinge. .

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Dreamworks Miniature Brass Piano Hinge – 12mm (.472) Width x 400mm (15") Length.

Our miniature piano hinges are perfect for hinging gear door, acces panels, canopy, speed brake ect… Can be mounted using screws or glue. Hinge pin can be made removable if desired. These difficult to source hinges are only available through Dreamworks.


  • Hinge Width 12mm (.472")
  • Hinge Length 400mm (15")

To cut the hinges, use tin snips to cut each side of the hinge next to a hinge section. Then bend the hinge back and forth and the wire will easily break. This is a lot easier than cutting it with a Dremel Cut Off wheel, which is the next best way of cutting the hinges.


Suggest attaching the hinges with #0 or #1, 1/4” long flat head sheet metal screws screwed into hardwood of some kind.

In some applications one can use a CA glue manufactured by Bob Smith Enterprises. It is a black colored CA glue. It bonds well to the the hinge and fiberglass. The glue doesn't want to wick into the hinge. Have many customers who have excellent results with this glue.

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