PowerBox iGyro,..incl. GPS-Module, without Sensor switch, without USB-Interface Adapter


PowerBox is delighted to present their latest innovation – the PowerBox iGyro. Features:. Includes:.

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PowerBox is delighted to present their latest innovation – the PowerBox iGyro.

This includes the iGyro and GPS Sensor only. (does not include USB Adapter or Sensor Switch).

The iGyro is a completely new kind of triple-axis gyro system for fixed-wing model aeroplanes. Maximum versatility was the byword at the development stage but PowerBox also insisted on combining this with simple, user-friendly menu-based operation.

PowerBox particularly wishes to draw your attention to the regulatory algorithm. This was specifically developed for fixed-wing models and causes hardly any alteration in the model’s familiar flying characteristics. This is especially important to avoid the impression that the gyro is in control of your model. However, the aeroplane flies much more smoothly and accurately and is less sensitive to unwanted weather-induced or aerodynamic influences. Landing approaches in windy weather are much safer with the iGyro.

The iGyro works with all radio control systems which offer a serial digital output: a feature offered by Spektrum DSM2 and DSM X, Futaba S-Bus, Multiplex M-Link, Graupner HoTT and Jeti. It is particularly efficient to combine the unit with the PowerBox Cockpit SRS or PowerBox Competition SRS as this arrangement only requires two patch cables to connect the iGyro between the receiver and the battery backer.

The iGyro is the world’s first gyro to be supported by a GPS sensor. The GPS sensor records the airspeed in every flight situation and passes the information to the iGyro, which exploits it to adjust the gain to suit the model’s current speed range. This effectively prevents the model being overcontrolled and oscillating at high speed but at the same time allows optimum flight path correction during slow landing approaches in gusty conditions.


  • Extremely accurate triple-axis MEMS sensor
  • SRS technology for use with various bus systems:
  • Spektrum DSM 2, DSM X, Futaba S-Bus, Multiplex M-Link, Graupner HoTT, Jeti
  • GPS-regulated gyro gain
  • Special regulatory algorithm designed for fixed-wing model aircraft
  • Three-stage flight phase switching
  • Graphic OLED screen with 128 x 64 pixels
  • Digital output can be passed on to any PowerBox SRS system
  • Can be updated using the PowerBox USB Adapter
  • Robust aluminium case
  • Dimensions in mm: 52.5 x 35 x 14 (L x W x H)
  • Weight including GPS Sensor: 50 g


  • iGyro
  • GPS Sensor
  • Manual

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