Pro-Link Ripmax Xcalibur Basic Combo


Pro-Link Xcalibur – Basic Combo

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Pro-Link Xcalibur – Basic Combo

Our Pro-Link “Xcalibur” basic combo has been developed from the ground up specifically for this aircraft and is the perfect match for your Xcalibur Sport Jet!

Designed for use with Intairco Wheels and Brakes.  Stock wheels and brakes will not work without modification.

Our Xcalibur struts feature a brushed anodized finish, steel axle with locking nut and over-sized machined shoulder bolt. There is no need to shim, bush, drill or machine your struts & axles in order to make them “fit”. There is also no more fear of wheels flying off during take-off or landings with the bullet-proof axle design. Although suited for grass field ops, our Trailing Link gear design proves to be invaluable for those occasional not-so-perfect landings on the tarmac as well.

The new GEMINI series Machined T-6 aluminum retracts feature oversized high quality leak free cylinders, brass t-bar slider and heavy duty machined trunions with 1/2″ clamp lock strut mounting make the Pro-Link series retracts the strongest, most reliable retracts on the market. When only the best will do, GO PRO-LINK!

Our Pro-Link “Xcalibur” Basic combo includes:

    Pro-Link Xcal Trailing Link Main Struts
Pro-Link Xcal Trailing Link Nose Strut
Pro-Link GEMINI Series Machined Retract Set

Nose Strut Specs:

  • Length: 4.5″ / 25.4mm
  • Wheel Sizing: 2-5/8″ / 66mm (MAX)
  • Attachment: 1/4″ Pin – 1/2″ Bushing
  • Offset: 1.5″
  • Axle: 3/16″
  • Material: T-6 Aluminum
  • Weight: 2.5oz

Main Strut Specs:

  •     Length: 4.75″ / 120.65mm
  •     Wheel Sizing: 3″ / 76mm (MAX)
  •     Attachment: 1/2″ Trunion Lock
  •     Offset: .750″
  •     Axle: 1/4″
  •     Brake Flange: .50″
  •     Material: T-6 Aluminum
  •     Weight: 5.6oz (pair)

Gemini Series Retract Specs:

  •     Length – 4.125″ (105mm)
  •     Frame Width – .88″ (22.3mm)
  •     Depth – 1.25″ (31.75mm)
  •     Frame Rail mount length – 1.75″ (44.45mm)
  •     Frame Rail Mount Width – 1.75″ (44.45mm)
  •     90 Degree Extension

Dont be fooled by imitations! When only the best will do, Go Pro-Link!

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