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Our regulated propane valve fits all Coleman (Green) threaded bottles found just about everywhere in the USA. With the discontinuation of the Powermax popane/butane mix, straight propane is the next best choice. Our regulated propane valve can be used for onboard tank filling OR tankless starts. A 3 position dial allows user to set the desired head pressure.

  • Includes Regulated Valve and 3 Feet of 4mm Festo Tubing.

Note: When using propane to fill an onboard tank, you must invert the propane bottle for liquid to flow into the onboard tank. If starting directly off of the regulated valve, leave bottle upright.

NOTE: POWERMAX Discontinued…..Below for reference only.

Propane vs Powermax:

When commercial full autostart (jet fuel) turbines started to hit the market, they were all started on propane. With the introduction of the onboad start gas systems, operators were experiencing burst propane lines (and sometimes blown hatches) with a full propane tank and the aircraft sitting in the sun. Straight propane has a vapor pressure of roughly 200psi at 100F. Powermax is a propane / butane mix (70/30) which has a vapor pressure about 50psi lower than straight propane. This was the main reason for the switched to Powermax years ago. While many are eliminating onboard start gas tanks in an effort to reduce fire hazzard, you can use our regulated propane valve to fill your onboard tank. Since our valve is regulated, you are limiting the max pressure that can be transfered to the onboard tank, well below the limits of the festo tubing but enough gas for at least two typical starts.


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