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The PowerExpander Eq10E differs from the old PowerExpander Eq10 in that it has a USB interface

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The PowerExpander Eq10E is a new, enhanced version of the venerable PowerExpander Eq10.  The PowerExpander Eq10E works just like the The PowerExpander Eq10 out of the box and can be used with any size aircraft.  It has a BatShare on the inputs which will isolate a bad battery pack and it supports an optional failsafe switch which enables or disables both system batteries.  It can be used with 2-cell lithium packs if your servos are high-voltage servos.  It has a dedicated 5.0V, 1 amp regulator for the receiver to provide clean, stable voltage to the receiver.  The PowerExpander Eq10E has servo matching on all ten channels which can adjust the center and two endpoints of every individual servo.  Each servo can also be individually reversed.

The PowerExpander Eq10E differs from the old PowerExpander Eq10 in that it has a USB interface.  We are still finalizing the software but this interface will allow the unit to be updated and controlled from a Windows computer.  The firmware of the unit can be updated to add features to the unit’s operation.  Features that are being worked on now include allowing the settings to be saved and restored, different numbers of servos (1-8) to be assigned to an individual channel, servo outputs to be assigned output positions on the unit, servo adjustments and compatibility with S.Bus receivers to support the full 18 channels of the S.Bus.

    Can be used on any size plane
    Input voltage range from 5.5V to 8.4V
    The BatShare on the inputs will isolate a bad battery
    Filtered and regulated 5.0V power to receiver
    Receivers can be end-loading or top-loading
    Ten servo channels with full servo matching
    LED indicators for servo and receiver power
    Full RF filtering of all signals in and out of unit
    Fully buffered signal line for each servo
    Long servo lead line matching
    High-current Deans Ultra Plug power input connectors
    Optional Failsafe-switch operation
    Light weight, 2.6 oz, 74g
    Compact design, 4” x 3”
    Incompatible with radios that do not use 1.5msec pulse as servo neutral (some old Multiplex radios)


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