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SWB Double-Loc Servo Arm. – Hitec Full Arm 1.25″

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SWB Double-Loc Servo Arm

– Hitec Full Arm 1.25″-

Absolutely the finest arms on the market. Designed to clamp around the servo shaft and compensate for inconsistencies in the output shaft sizes. All arms are Heavy duty Red Anodized Aluminum and have tapping for 4/40 hardware.

Full arms are measured from the servo screw hole to the outside hole 2x.

Note: SWB’ servo arms should fit snug, and not just slip onto the output shaft. In fact they should go on about a 1/3 of the way with light pressure and use the screw to pull them down the rest of the way. We do this because we are all after the tightest linkage and if there is any play in the spline fit it will only get worse. If need be, place a drop of light oil in the servo arm hole being very careful not to get any oil in the servo screw hole to help get the arm in place. Remember oil in the servo screw hole will not let the Loctite work properly. We suggest the arm’ be installed outside the aircraft and on a stable flat surface.

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