UniLight 50mm Drop-Out Spotlight HV, 12Wx2, T-FUSE White


UniLight 50mm Drop-Out Spotlight HV, 12Wx2, T-FUSE White

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UniLight 50mm Drop-Out Spotlight HV, 12Wx2, T-FUSE White

Powerful headlights that fold out, easier than ever. Prototype for many aircraft, now also quick and easy to implement in a model. An enormous asset to any aircraft, whether it’s a scale, a brake flap or just practical! Now with strong Kingmax KM1203 servos suitable for every system.

With our pre-assembled headlights, the flat 50mm 12Wx2 headlights with thermal fuse are used. These enable enormous light outputs with small dimensions. A Kingmax KM1203 HV servo is installed in the mechanics, only the mounting position has to be determined and the linkage screwed on. The construction with the enclosed parts enables two different mounting positions: flat design for installation in the wing, or the servo above the axis when installing the fuselage. The set also includes two spacers so that the headlight is flush with the flat mounting plate or with a 2mm offset for installation in GRP shells.

Headlights made of high quality aluminum reflector, very wide 110 ° beam angle
Made entirely of solid aluminum by CNC
integrated overtemperature protection, including Kingmax HV servo pre-assembled
different installation positions possible

Technical Specifications:

Power: 12Wx2 Reference
power voltage: 8V, use the enclosed resistor for 12V!
Current: ~ 1A
Beam angle: ~ 100 ° Luminous
intensity: 1000 lumens WHITE
Luminous intensity: 850 lumens WARM WHITE
Weight: 70g (with servo)

Mounting plate: 58x90mm
Height when mounting BEHIND axis: 17 / 24mm
Height when installing ABOVE axis: 36 / 39mm Overtemperature

protection: with 65-70 ° the light is safely switched off or clocked

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