UniLight 8Wx2 Ultra-Power Spotlight, 12mm, T-Fuse 3 Pack


UniLight 8Wx2 Ultra-Power Spotlight, 12mm, T-Fuse 3 Pack

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UniLight 8Wx2 Ultra-Power Spotlight, 12mm, T-Fuse 3 Pack

How about a little more? These three small spotlights with very compact, CNC manufactured aluminum reflector (only 12mm diameter) provide optimum efficiency in the smallest of spaces. The spotlight is perfectly suitable for high-performance spotlights on small viperjets (~1,5m) and similar models; guaranteed to be visible at daylight for over a hundred meters. The wide beam angle coupled with an enormous performance make these spotlight a topmodel!

Direct operation with 3S LiPo (12V). Please ensure sufficient cooling air during operation. For the first time in model making, the spotlights are equipped with an integrated overtemperature protection. If the enclosure becomes too warm, the light will be safely switched off.
Without any further cooling, do not operate such spotlights more than 3-5 minutes at a time. Otherwise the protection will switch off the light or let it blink.

Technical data:

Performance: 3x8W reference power
Overtemperature protection: switch-off and clocking of the light at 65-70°
Voltage: 3S/12V
Electricity: 0.7A
Beam angle: ~110°
Light intensity: 3×200 Lumen WHITE
Light intensity: 3×180 Lumen WARMWHITE
Dimension: D12x52mm, mounting hole D10mm
Weight: 21g (without cable)
Delivery: ready to use with 1m connection cable for 3S operation. (Lights are tied into one line approx.  10cm from the lights with an additional 1m cable following to single connector).

With the X2 technique high power LEDs are operated in a “cluster”. These achieve double the light output for the same heat or the same light output at half heat dissipation. Yet our X2 lights are still fully compatible with all our other lamps. If X2 lights, such as spotlights, are supplied with separate cables, these cables must be used in the delivered wiring! X2 lights are reacting more strongly on a weakening battery.

The reference power is a comparison value between our offered lights. It normally refers to an operating voltage of 12V/3S Lipo and is dependent on bulbs, operating mode and technology.

Pay always attention to the operating temperature, we do not assume any warranty in case of overheating.

Note: The LED lights are extremely bright! Never look directly into a LED!

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