UniLight Afterburner Ring 125mm, short, EDF


UniLight Afterburner Ring 125mm, short, EDF

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UniLight Afterburner Ring 125mm, short, EDF

The short Ultra-Power afterburner rings are based on the same emitter technology and on the specially manufactured aluminium core PCBs, but waive the cooling ducts to save size and weight. They have a lower performance in order to enable normal operation for the model. This is basically implemented by a puposely thin cable. The rings may only be operated permanently about 1 minutesand therefore, the mixing to the gas channel should only happen in the upper section. Since a too high ambient temperatures should be avoided, these rings are specially suitable for EDS systems and score with the low weight.

The light output of the emitter rings is gigantic high and even in an area of >120° to all ring sides visible. Thus, it will both directly shine into the outlet and into the nozzle, which strengthens tremendously the effect of a glowing pushing rod.

Direct operation with 2S (8V) Lipo. Please ensure sufficient cooling air during operation. The high power requirement of the afterburner rings requires sufficiently dimensioned batteries and an efficient control. Please see our recommended modules.

Pay close attention to input voltage as Control Modules can handle increased voltage and do not regulate output to the Afterburner Ring.


This ring is delivered with two 1m/0.25mm silicon cables. These cables can be plugged in parallel into the control. A boost effect can be created when using 2-Channel controls in order to operate the afterburner ring in the maximum operation mode with the highest performance via both cables. For a better light distribution, you can use our nozzle attachments under the rubric accessories.

Technical Data

Performance: 33 emitters with 40-70 Lumen
Voltage: 2S/8V
Electricity: ca. 4A
Beam angle: ~100°
Internal Dimension: 124.8mm
External dimension: 138.6mm
Weight: 24g (without cable)
Delivery: ready to use with 2x1m connection cable for 2S LiPo operation

With the X2 technique high power LEDs are operated in a “cluster”. These achieve double the light output for the same heat or the same light output at half heat dissipation. Yet our X2 lights are still fully compatible with all our other lamps. If X2 lights, such as spotlights, are supplied with separate cables, these cables must be used in the delivered wiring! X2 lights are reacting more strongly on a weakening battery.

The reference power is a comparison value between our offered lights. It normally refers to an operating voltage of 12V/3S Lipo and is dependent on bulbs, operating mode and technology.

Pay always attention to the operating temperature, we do not assume any warranty in case of overheating.

Note: The LED lights are extremely bright! Never look directly into a LED!

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