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UniLight Module Afterburner

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UniLight Module Afterburner

Afterburner-Simulation with unmatched performance

Our 2-Channel Afterburner Module is especially designed for very powerful afterburner rings and generates besides the typical “flickering” effects even more additional functions.
Like all uniLIGHT modules, the function selection is made via servo travel and via parts of it respectively. The receiver selects the performance and additionally, the speed of the effect can be selected on the button.

Functions for MAIN
This is the main channel for the afterburner ring. The contacts are provided twice and internal switched in parallel to carry the required current. Switch the contacts ALWAYS ONLY in parallel by connecting both cables of the ring homopolar. The main channel will then simulate the afterburner function.

Functions for BOOST
The second channel can be used for another functional enhancement (boost) and is beeing patched in in the top sector of the servo travel. This means that a second afterburner ring can be patched in. In addition, a pump can be triggered to inject smoke or fluid.

Technical Data:

  •     Control side receiver 4.8-9.6V
  •     Only about 12g without cable
  •     Dimension: 50x35x8mm
  •     Light signals 2×2 Channels with 8A to 30V
  •     Total load up to 12A
  •     galvanically isolated circuits
  •     4 operating modes with 9 different steps

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