UniLight PRO-Medium Lighting Set


UniLight PRO-Medium Lighting Set

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PRO-Meduim Lighting Set V2

Professional lighting set with the best luminaires for your model. The set consists of a 4-Channel controller, landing lights, beacon light and combined position lights with ACL flash RIGHT and LEFT.

The set is suitable for models from about 1.4 to 2.2m wingspan but also suits air crafts with thin wings. The system is directly operated with 2S Lipo. All luminaires are directly ready-for-use and merely have to be connected on the control module. The work for the model-maker is limited to laying or extending cables respectively. You can extend the set as desired with the individually available components.

Set consists of:

  • 1x (MODUL-4-300) Controller 4-Channel
  • 1x (SPOT22-040-WE) Spotlight 22mm
  • 1X (RND-080-RT) Beacon RED
  • 1x (DUAL11-080×2-RTWE) Red/White Nav and Strobe Light
  • 1x (DUAL11-080×2-GNWE) Green/White Nav and Strobe Light

The reference power is a comparison value between our offered lights. It normally refers to an operating voltage of 12V/3S Lipo and is dependent on bulbs, operating mode and technology.

Pay always attention to the operating temperature, we do not assume any warranty in case of overheating.

Note: The LED lights are extremely bright! Never look directly into a LED!


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