V2S Double action electronic valve


Xicoy V2s Dual Action Electronic Valve.

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Xicoy V2s Dual Action Electronic Valve

Can be used for control of retracts or gear doors in a single unit. Plugs directly into RX.
Three position. OPEN A – CLOSED – OPEN B. Allow to depressurize the air system to avoid air leaks. Can be used as two independent units if no need that both valves open at same time.

End points easily programmable by a pushbutton. Status LED and manual mode operation, can be opened without electric power.

  • Up to 7bar /100psi
  • Small size: 34x20mm
  • Light weight: 32 gram (1 oz)
  • Voltage: 4 to 8.4V
  • Low current consumption. <6mA inactive 80mA active

Power ON the valve while keeping the button pressed
Release the button. The LED will blink at 1 pulse/second. Set the radio to “Gear Up” position
Press the button. The valve will store the current command as “Gear Up”.
The led will blink twice at second. Set the radio at “Gear Down position”
Press again the button to store the command.

Note: The valves manufactured from November 2014 (Green LED light) allow to program the power up state. Normal power up state is both valves closed (System not pressurized). In the case you need that the system be always pressurized, clicking on the button during normal operation allow to change the “power on” state to pressurize the system immediately after power up.

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