Xicoy Digital Weight and Balance CG Meter/Angle Sensor Combo


Xicoy Digital Weight and Balance CG Meter/Angle Sensor Combo.

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Xicoy Digital Weight and Balance CG Meter/Angle Sensor Combo



 The new Xicoy Digital CG has finally introduced full scale CG technology into the model realm!. Balance any aircraft, regardless of size, with absolute precision and ease!  The Xicoy Digital CG system includes three high precision load cells with a resolution of one gram, a color touchscreen and wiring (manual can be downloaded below). The Digital CG displays the aircraft total weight, current CG position and calculation of weight needed for CG correction; will internally store the measurement data for up to 100 aircraft and provides a Micro SD slot for data backup and firmware upgrades. The maximum model weight is 50 kg / 110 lbs, Resolution is 1 gr/ 0.03 oz and CG position precision 1 mm/ 0.05 in.

Simply input aircraft dimensions, set a load cell under each wheel, Current CG location is displayed along with correction weight required…. Its that simple!


    Perform balance on aircraft up to 50 kg / 110 lbs with correction weight calculation provided
    Precise aircraft weight in LBS or Gram
    Storage for up to 100 model memory and microSD slot (card not included), used for data backup and software upgrade.
    Compact system easily fits in flight box for at-field adjustments
    Works with Trike and Taildragger configurations.
    Includes high quality color touchscreen display, three precision load cells and wiring.
    5v-9v Battery Input (battery not included)

 The Xicoy digital angle sensors are an add-on to the CG machine.

This set of 3 sensors that can read and record your model throw on the CG machine central unit.

See the video for more information of the use of this unit.   http://youtu.be/tfXTyz8w7JY

Instructions manual v 1.4: http://www.xicoy.com/CGMeter1_00.pdf


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