XS Power 1700mAh LiFE Receiver Pack


XS Power 1700mAh LiFE Receiver Pack

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XS Power 1700mAh LiFE Receiver Pack

XS Power 1700mAh LiFE Smart Balanced Receiver Pack

XS Power LiFE packs. the perfect scale model battery and also ready for high current high energy maneuvers.

From the years of success with our Booma RC self balancing range of receiver batteries we are proud to announce the XS Power range of receiver packs. Battery chemistry design keeps progressing and so should you.

Our new prism cell LiFeP04 packs offer much higher energy density and lower weight (lighter models fly better) but still remain a very safe chemistry to trust in your expensive model.

Safe, More Power, Lighter and even easier to use. Demand the best out of your RX packs Demand XS-Power.

With a 20C discharge rate, Advance Radio XS Power batteries are designed specifically for the growing demands of the RC market. The XS Power range packs a new punch, surpassing your RX and ECU needs.

Lighter and thinner than previous packs, the XS Power range is easy to mount in any model. Don’t let the size fool you, XS Power Packs have a bigger capacity, giving you longer flight times with a thinner, lighter pack.

Available in a wide range of sizes, the XS Power range covers packs from 1700mAh, 3400mAh, 2200mAh and 3800mAh. This large range of sizes offer maximum flexibility for a wide range of uses. Giving you the perfect battery for your model.

High current means bigger wires and we have some of the best. The XS Power Range comes standard with 14AWG wire for high powered models and 20AWG with JR connector for charging and secondary powering.

If you need to mount your packs deep inside the model, have a I-Charger or simply don’t want the hassle of connecting a balance lead then you can choose the optional self balancing circuit. You then simply plug the cell balancing lead into the self balancing circuit and you are ready to go.


  •      High C Rated packs
  •      Ultra safe chemistry
  •      Light weight
  •      Standard with JST-XH plug
  •      Pre-soldered receiver plug w/ EC3 connectors
  •      Optional self balancing circuit or traditional balance lead.
  •      Trusted and proven quality



Batteries For RX Battery

Battery Discharge Rate:

  • 20C

Battery Cells:

  • 2S 6.6V

Battery Capacity:

  • 1700mAh

Light Weight:

  • 95 g
  • 3.35 oz


  • 91 x 12 x 42mm
  • 3.58 x 0.47 x 1.65Inches

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