Zap Silicone Tape 1×10


Zap Silicone Tape, 1"x10'.

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Zap Silicone Tape, 1"x10'

  •     Ideal for landing gear repair, fuselage field repair, fuel lin leaks, wire bundling and more.
  •     Designed to adhere to itself, and leaves no residue when removed.
  •     Permanent, waterproof bond is also airtight, non-conductive and insulating.
  •     Resists weathering, salt water and UV rays.
  •     Flexible material stretches around uneven shapes.
  •     Layers begin to fuse immediately with a permanent cohesive bon within 24 hours.
  •     May be applied in wet, non-oily conditions, although dry surfac conditions are recommended.

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