Anti-Static Fuel Additive


Anti-Static Fuel Additive

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Anti-Static Fuel Additive

The effect of static electricity build-up and discharge is a problem associated with large capacity fuel systems in low humidity conditions.

The electro-static charge is caused by the relative motion of two non-conductive materials such as fuel flowing through tubing, or fuel sloshing in an epoxy/Kevlar or plastic tank. The charge accumulation is greatly enabled by the lack of moisture in the air. The large fuel tanks and more powerful fuel pumping systems can accumulate 20,000+ volts. The discharge event can, and has on occasions, disabled the engine E.C.U. and even the R/C receiver.

The simple solution appears to be a fuel additive. The JetCat laboratory and BVM flight testing shows that a very small amount of this fluid added to Jet-A or Kerosene fuel solves the problem.

We also have added to our product line, anti-static fuel tubing in both 4mm and 6mm sizes. Use of the fuel tubing alone appears to suppress about 50% of the problem.

To be fully armed against the static discharge problem, you may want to include both defenses. The anti-static additive is available in 2 ounce bottles, enough to treat 150 gallons of jet fuel. Simply add 2 cap full’s of the fluid to 5 gallons of fuel.

If the treated fuel is not used for about 30 days, retreat it in the same manner.

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