Pitot Tube Mount


Pitot Tube Mount.

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Pitot Tube Mount

The advent of airspeed sensing and limiting systems prompted BVM to make a suitable mount for the necessary pitot tube that senses dynamic pressure.
Flight testing that compared G.P.S. and radar readings to that of the airspeed sensors confirm that the BVM unit allows accurate readings when mounted to the side of the fuselage.
The urethane molded mount comes complete with a plywood backplate and screws to make it easy to attach to a fiberglass fuselage.

This 3D printed Pitot Tube Mount can be used with a JetCat (or similar) Air Speed Sensors. Mount the airfoiled end to the fuselage such that the Pitot Tube is pointed to the front end of the model and close to parallel to the longitudinal axis.

For accuracy, it is necessary that the Pitot Tube is at least 1/2″ away from fuselage skin to not be affected by boundary layer flow.

The plywood plate and screws allow attaching it to the fuselage skin. The fairing can be primed and painted to suit your needs.

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