STV Mount JetCat Pump ER 16 + SmokePump PRO


JetCat Pumpe ER 16 + Smokepumpe PRO.

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JetCat Pumpe ER 16 + Smokepumpe PRO

Use our ingenious click-system, once installed, the pump is easily and quickly accessible. Cut off parts from 3 mm ABS (all parts are exactly constructed which they already hold mechanically perfect) with a thin liquid adhesive. Simply flush the pump and secure with O-ring, the connections of the hose and plug can be mounted outside and can be inserted and removed as gently as they want. The holder has two holes for screwing. For JetCat pumps Type ER 16 + Smokepump (pump not included)

Material: ABS 3 mm
Weight: 5.2 g

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