Unilight 24mm PRO Navigation Light, 24Wx2, T-Fuse WHITE


Unilight 24mm PRO Navigation Light, 24Wx2, T-Fuse WHITE

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Unilight 24mm PRO Navigation Light, 24Wx2, T-Fuse WHITE

Power flash light in the 24mm series with a new chip!
The well-known 24mm series has got a new flash light with up to 1700 lumens. The housing was equipped with the chips from the round light and thus replaces the PRO24F-200×2. Huge light output with a compact design and integrated temperature protection. They are supplied with a screwed-on 24mm profile cap made of highly transparent polycarbonate. With the faceted cap there is a perfect radiation over the entire horizon, without the cap, the installation in fuselage openings and prefabricated recesses can be done very easily.
The luminaire is delivered as a fully assembled unit on an aluminum cooling plate. It is ready-made for operation on 2S Lipo / LiIon (8V), for 3S (12V) the enclosed resistor must also be soldered into the cable. This extremely powerful lamp may only be operated as a flashing or flashing light. To protect the lamp, a temperature fuse is integrated on the back, which switches off the lamp if it overheats or briefly interrupts it to allow it to cool down.
Electricity: 24W reference power with x2 technic, 2A,8V/12V
Beam angle: >140°
Overtemperature protection: switch-off and clocking of the light at 65-70°
Light intensity: 550 Lumen RED
Light intensity: 800 Lumen GREEN
Light intensity: 1700 Lumen WHITE
Dimension: 24x56x9mm
Dimension base panel: 2mm
Temperature sensor bottom inside: 2mm
Weight: 9g (without cable)
Delivery: Ready to use with 1m connection cable. RED version with additional series resistor for 3S (12V) enclosed. GREEN and WHITE only usable with 3S (12V).