Free Flight model Made of Flexipor Felix iQ XL


Free Flight model Made of Flexipor Felix iQ XL

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Free Flight model Made of Flexipor Felix iQ XL

Felix IQ XL, wingspan 84cm,
Flight model made of Flexipor with patented looping function.
Easily convertible gliding and looping With SpielGut award.

Think big, that’s the motto of our new Felix IQ XL. Even better glide performance, even larger loops and more flight stability even in wind. This is what characterizes the new XL variant of the Felix IQ.

The proverbial robustness of the material is also fully retained in the XL version.

The Felix IQ XL is also very suitable for installing a remote control. The rudder flaps for rudder and elevator are already marked and only need to be cut out. Ailerons can of course also be retrofitted. It is up to you whether you fly with or without an electric drive. Instructions for this are not available.

The model is 100% “Made in Germany” from the raw material to the packaging


Technical Data:
Wingspan: approx. 840mm
Length: about 700mm
Flight weight: approx. 150g
Flight weight RC glider: from approx. 150g
RC electric flight weight: from approx. 190g

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 6 × 6 in