UniLight Controller 2-Channel


Unilight Controller 2 channel

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State of the art light controller: BLACK-Series

Our 2-channel module is the small entry-level version into the uniLIGHT system. It is easy to use and brings brilliant and fast results for all model ranges. The main application covers the use of an ACL or BEACON light, NAV lights with or without strobe function and switchable landing lights.

New in BLACK Series:

  •     Dynamic nicer, faster and sharper defined light effects
  •     Dimensions reduced size and weight, optimized for 2-channel applications
  •     Safety basic short cut protection, cut off and automatic restore
  •     Battery deep discharge protection for connected Lipos
  •     Master-Slave Operation no switch in power circuit necessary, activation by the receiver channel
  •     Scale now with B.2 module soft transition selectable
  •     Sport Navigation and strobe special function for many sport applications

Technical Data:

  •     receiver side 4.8-9.6V
  •     weight ~3g, without wire
  •     dimension 45x22x6mm
  •     load per channel 1.5A to 16V (3A peak)
  •     total load up to 3A
  •     galvanically isolated circuits
  •     operation without RC possible
  •     15 effects with variable speed
  •     short circuit protection
  •     deep discharge protection

Special Function:

  •     Slow Signals a soft transition simulates a soft glow-on and glow-off like an old glow bulb or simulates a rotating beacon effect of slow blinking functions.
  •     Fast Signals during strobe sequences a basic level of around 20% power is given to the light. With these function a strong strobe light can be operated as navigation light AND at the same time be a strobe signal. Perfectly usable on sport models: one light, two functions!

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